What is happiness?  Such a simple yet complicated word, no exact words can match it.  Is it the feeling of warmth in the summer?  Is it the feeling of success?  Or is it the feeling of no worries?  Nobody can actually tell what happiness is.  It is such a dynamic word.  It’s like the wind, that is felt but not really seen.

But still happiness still bugs me.  Where can you find happiness?  How can you be happy?  Such questions going through my mind.  Maybe happiness is just within us.  Maybe happiness is like a fairy stuck in our heart wanting to get out.  How could you tell you found happiness?  Some people say you found happiness when you feel light as a feather.  Maybe that is true happiness.  I can never really tell what it is but I think I found happiness.  Happiness within me!  ~  Karima Puzon  ~

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