Responsibility – The Key to Happiness

Why do people often have self esteem problems?  They don’t take responsibility for their lives.  They continuously blame someone else for the bad things that happen to them.  This is sure to create a victim mentality.  When you blame others, you give up your power to change.  When you don’t see that you and you alone have caused your current situation, you create a hurt inside.  This hurt will not stop until you wise up and take responsibility for your life.  There is really no way around it.  You will feel so much better about yourself, even if you only take personal responsibility for your own life for that day.  The willingness to take responsibility for one’s own life is the source from which self-respect is made.  In doing this, we not only gain control of what happens, it also becomes natural to feel like you deserve more in life as your self-esteem builds and as you do the right thing more consistently.  You will start to feel much better about yourself.

Life consists of each day.  Not just the big events in the future, but the present.  Don’t postpone it, start by taking responsibility for the little things in your life.  Keep yourself on the right path.  This will only be difficult until it becomes a habit.  Hold yourself to a higher standard than what people expect of you.  Take back control, face what’s going on and you will be amazed at the possibilities that will open up to you.  Improvement isn’t about short spurts now and then.  Consistency in your actions is what really pays off and can help you achieve just about anything.  Your self esteem will improve as you gain an inner stability and create your own positive feelings.  We make our own reality!

The time to create your own power is now.  It’s time to be on the right road in life.  We all want to be happy, we all want to be successful.  Let’s commit to a life of responsible behavior.  We will build our self esteem to a much higher level.  Let’s live in the now, today!  Join us at as we take this journey together.  We are strong believers in the New Age belief in the power of positive thinking.  We can do it —  yes we can, and we will.  Peace, Love and Music, always.

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