Reality and Imagination

We all have choices in life. On the path of life, we have the choice to follow the path that is the reality that we want to experience, or we can follow a path that was chosen for us, either by friends, family or society. The path of our reality can be perceived in many different ways, unique to each one of us. There is the magical relationship between imagination and reality that can fuel our creativity in choosing our path, if we are open to those many possibilities.

This magical relationship between reality and imagination gives us the ability to look at any situation from different points of view. Our daily lives, everything we do, depends upon interpretation. When we imagine, our minds are working with our hearts to create images, if they are successfully working in concert. This helps us to reach positive solutions during our problem-solving journey on the path of life.

Most people are great visualizers. Their imaginations are vivid, as they paint pictures in their minds. These images are usually a symbol of one’s personality. Many things you imagine tend to seek materialization, as it stimulates positive creativity and innovation. If you have no imagination and no fantasies, you tend to be dull and boring to others. We have the power to use our imagination, balanced with our reality, to change our lives and the world for the better. Imagination gives us hope on the path of life, because it has no limits. The imagination can become a tool to help us know and love God. Imagination and spirituality go hand-in-hand when trying to live a balanced life. What we imagine with faith and feelings comes into being.

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