You will change in life whether you want to or not.  Your friends change, your beliefs change, your values change, your work changes, kids grow up, parents get older.  It is the way it is, and understanding the nature of our reality can assist us to be more in harmony with the process.

You will change whether you like it or not because you cannot and will not remain the same.  This is the law of our Reality, there is no other way.  It is the truth of who we are.  Accepting and understanding this will help understand our life.  Forget stability, it is an illusion.  It is much better to go with the flow and accept change as it happens.  Don’t fight it.  Embrace it.  It is easier to flow with the current than to try and go against it.  Don’t take today’s happenings too seriously for just around the corner, something different will come along and change how we view our reality.

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