Let Our Angels Help

Have you often felt the need for guidance, just to make it through one more day?  You are not alone.  We all have Angels, ready and willing to help.  Learning to work with the Angels is really learning to listen with our hearts.  Heavenly Angels are always around us and they are ready and willing to help us with our problems.  If we make the effort to connect with their love and guidance, we will then learn to trust our decisions, have faith in our abundance, and enjoy our world around us.  Angels show us how to feel with our hearts and trust the inner voice we all have, which is our communication with the Angels.

Angels will be subtle in how they communicate with us.  When you talk to your Angels, ask for signs, miracles and favors.  The miracles are there, we have just forgotten how to recognize them.  Experiment with this by asking your Angels for a parking spot, extra money to pay bills, a special gift you might want for yourself that you didn’t think you ever had a chance to receive, or maybe just a beautiful flower or rainbow as you take a nature walk.  If you trust your Angels, communicating with you through your inner voice, you will doubt less and have more confidence in yourself and your decisions.  Always think positive, and with love.  We receive what we give.  Learn to fly with the Angels and you will set your heart free to love and to be loved in return.

Join us at www.mysticaltalk.com as we take our journey to wellness.  We believe in everything angels, and know that you will, too.

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