Quartz Crystals

There are many New Age belief systems that state that crystals can be used to heal mental, physical and spiritual problems.  Like other religious beliefs, the power of crystals has not been proven by science, but it does seem meaningful to those of us who practice it.  Whether crystals have innate power or not, a healing crystal necklace, earring or other piece of jewelry can be a powerful tool for focusing your mind on healing a problem in your life.

Quartz crystals and other stones are used for different needs and healing so look for the one that makes sense to you.  Quartz crystals are known for general protection and well being.   Rose Quartz is known for balance and emotional well being.  It is also known as the Love Crystal.  Select the type of crystal or stone that represents the healing you need.  Purchase or create the type of jewelry you prefer, or just carry the crystal with you.  Check out our website for more information, www.mysticaltalk.com.

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