Happy Thoughts!  You have the power to raise and lower your blood pressure by your thoughts.  Your thoughts can make you sick or healthy.  Your thoughts trigger images in your mind, and the feelings in your body are consistent with them.  If you think or read happy, healthy thoughts, you will experience happy and healthy emotions.  Every part of your mind is connected to every single part of your body.

Only you can think your thoughts.  Only you can decide what you will dwell upon.  Only you can control what you will read and listen to, who you will associate with, and the conversations you will participate in.  You are totally responsible for all the consequences of all those behaviors.  Make your thoughts happy ones.  Remember that your thoughts are extremely powerful and act accordingly.  When an unhappy, negative thought pops up, replace it with a happy thought.  Imagine a beautiful safe place and go there in your mind.  Get in the habit of doing this and you will find yourself feeling much better about your life.  Join us at www.mysticaltalk.com as we take our journey to wellness.

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