Halloween is that time of year that is filled with mystery, magic and superstition. Halloween ghosts are often depicted as extremely fearsome and scary.  But what about our dreams?  The shadowy ghosts in our dreams represent those aspects that we fear.  This is especially true if there are black cats in the dream, and if we avoid crossing paths with them as we fear that they will bring us bad luck.  To dream of Halloween signifies death and the underworld.  This usually doesn’t mean the death of a person, but a death of an idea or a plan.  Seeing yourself walking through a graveyard on Halloween in a dream might mean that you are reiminsing about a dead loved one or that you are feeling lonely and isolated.

A Halloween dream also represents the adoption of a new persona where we feel less inhibited and more comfortable to freely express who we are.  It is the end of constraint in who we thought we were and the beginning of a new freedom within ourselves.  There are many different energies that make up our psyche and we must accept them all as valid parts of who we are.  Follow us as we take our journey to wellness at www.mysticaltalk.com.

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