Our Puzzle Pieces

The Great Puzzle that is YOU – #WisdomWednesday

Every puzzle piece has its place. Every piece is necessary to be complete. Our life, the puzzle of who we are, is completely connected to something else, it is all hinged to make up our human behavior. Things we think we figured out when we were younger, seem to change over the years. Our perception changes with maturity and life experiences. Most of us wish that all the pieces of our puzzle would always be in place, but that is never going to happen. If we had all the answers, life would be boring, and probably depressing. Some of our puzzle pieces that we seek to understand, are flirting with our curiosity, teasing us with intrigue, while giving us direction, hope and opportunity. They are often the best pieces of us. When we start to discover who we really are, the outline of the puzzle starts to take shape. Every experience colors in another piece of our big picture and enables us to see how it all fits.

Either we accept our puzzle for what it is and make peace with that, or we decide that there is much more work to be done. Without the struggle of processing new information and situations, we really don’t learn much at all. If we are not aware of what we are at our core, noting will fit. But if we decide to be more insightful, we can move forward and discover the pieces that are needed to complete us. A correctly-placed puzzle piece paves the way for more puzzle pieces to be added.

Sometimes the relationship(s) we are in at the moment, or a relationship we wish to happen, is not part of our puzzle and will not fit at all. If we try to force the pieces in where they don’t belong, the rounded edges will separate and damage the puzzle. If it doesn’t fit, don’t force it. Maybe it wasn’t even your piece! That is the beauty of life. If we are not careful, we will trade beautiful pieces of our puzzle for jaded judgment, negative people and dark thinking.

Try to understand how the different aspects of the puzzle fit together, how this corner over here compliments that corner over there, how this little bit of darkness in this corner sets off the brightness in this other corner. Trust yourself to allow the pieces to settle at exactly the place where they should be. It is time to see the big picture where you can see how your puzzle pieces all fit together in harmony.

We at www.mysticaltalk.com believe that one of our our greatest accomplishments is being able to complete who we are, having all the right puzzle pieces, and feeling whole enough to experience the joy in life that we deserve.

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