CARNELIAN Quartz Crystal

The Carnelian quartz crystal stone has a long and storied past, and was once considered the property of the noble class.  It is the stone of pleasure and intense emotion.  Throughout the ages, carnelian has been used as a wish stone for eliciting pleasure, emotional conquest and for stimulating sexual energy.  Carnelian is an energy booster.  It helps the insecure person find strength within them so they can come into their own.

The Latin origin of the word “carnelian” is “carnis” meaning flesh, and which possibly makes reference to one of the many colors of the stone.  Carnelian is often used to rejuvenate souls that have become dormant and nonsocial.  Carnelian is found primarily in India, as well as a few parts of South America.  The most popular Carnelian quartz crystal stone is deep red to red-orange in hue.  Want more pep in your life?  Keep a carnelian, in the form of a pendant, ring or just the stone, with you and feel the energy flow into you.  Carnelian is used for giving energy, protection from bad vibrations, calms the temper while increasing your sense of humor, and is believed by some to guard against poverty.

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