The spiritual Angel Ariel is the caretaker and protector of Earth.  Ariel watches over all beings, whether they be human, animal or spiritual, ensuring their survival and protection.  Ariel is often shown in pictures wearing a white robe and holding the Earth, overlooking all of creation.  Angel Ariel helps us understand the metaphysical relationship between all forms of life.  Ariel teaches us that our actions influence all life from the large trees to the smallest bacteria.  Ariel helps us to create peace in the world by starting within our own heart.

For a metaphysical connection to the earth, all forms of life and our angels, we can look to the Lapis Lazuli crystal stone.  Lapis Lazuli is the healing crystal that also brings joy and courage.  Jade is the Earth stone of wisdom and energy.  Check us out at and join us in our journey to wellness.

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