That seemingly scary condition, whatever it may be, is not the problem.  It’s your reaction that has you shaking.  And that’s why, if you’ll become conscious of a fearful condition instead of afraid of it, you’ll change forever your relationship with fear.     ~ Guy Finley (Design Your Destiny)

Fear helps protect us. It makes us alert to danger and prepares us to deal with it. Feeling afraid is very natural — and helpful — in some situations. Fear can be like a warning, a signal that cautions us to be careful. If fear is a part of everyday life for you, make an effort to take regular breaks during the day to restore a sense of inner calm. Sit outside for a bit, go for a walk, do a short meditation, etc. In this way, hopefully you will alleviate the build-up of fear that can be triggered through any event during the day that upsets you. Find what calms you and make a practice of doing what it takes to eliminate fear and stress in your life.

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