Angels in Nature

Ever felt an angel’s breath in the gentle breeze?  A teardrop in the falling rain?  Hear a whisper amongst the rustle of leaves, or been kissed by a lone snowflake?  Nature is an angel’s favorite hiding place.      ~ Carrie Latet  ~

Angels are everywhere.  They are in heaven and they are here on earth.  Angels are connected to everything, they are especially attuned to the vibration of flowers.  Stop and smell the flowers, and remember to look for the presence of angels as you do.  Hyacinth will help you to attract your soul angels to you. Soul Angels  serve to assist you in knowing and bringing your authentic soul qualities and light into your life.  Look around in all parts of nature, for there could be angels anywhere.

The Universe is occupied by angels, and though usually the natural human vision cannot perceive them, they mingle in the earth all around us. Just because we can’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there. They exist in a dimension that we cannot perceive, but they’re there. God’s holy angels have been dispatched to serve Him and to serve us. Angels are busy attending on us.

Billy Graham has said, “I am convinced that these heavenly beings exist, and that they provide unseen aid on our behalf. I do not believe in angels because someone has told me about a dramatic visitation from an angel, impressive as such rare testimonies may be. I do not believe in angels because UFOs are astonishingly angel-like in some of their reported appearances. I do not believe in angels because ESP experts are making the realm of the spirit world seem more and more plausible. I do not believe in angels because of the sudden world-wide emphasis on the reality of Satan and demons. I do not believe in angels because I have ever seen one, because I haven’t. I believe in angels because the Bible says there are angels, and I believe the Bible to be the true Word of God.”

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